Building Foot Traffic

Customer marketing starts outside branches

JohnRyan’s approach to Total Store Messaging often starts outside the branch – with marketing tactics and technology designed to build foot traffic.

Local marketing promotions drive new customers to branches, using print and digital leaflets, and coupons that are built around promotions and prizes. Along with getting prospects physically into the bank space, these efforts act as “lead lists” for bankers.

We also employ the latest technologies, such as:

OmniChannel Experience

Intelligent Messaging

Smart Slots makes intricate messaging effortless

Conventional digital signage content management systems build schedules based on ordered playlists, with one file playing after another in pre-defined sequences. Different playlists play at different times and places, and it’s the job of assigned staffers to build, maintain and validate those playlists and schedules.

It’s cumbersome, costly and error-prone.

More sophisticated systems use scheduling driven by the metadata assigned to the venues and to the media, making scheduling more efficient by matching media with destinations.

JohnRyan’s system leverages that sophisticated data-driven scheduling, but adds much more intelligence and user control to the design and output. We call it Smart Slots.

The CMS creates, schedules and targets messages based on site attributes, or what are commonly called metatags. On top of that base level of data attribution, Smart Slots adds another layer built around themes. For example, themes can define, sort and prioritize different products, such as mortgages and investments. Another set of themes sorts local, regional and national messaging.

Instead of letting a machine crunch all that data and spit out schedules based purely on algorithms, Smart Slots lets business owners – like product and segment managers at banks - “curate” their own subsections or the playlist. The system lets managers influence and shape the part of the overall programming wheel they own, without the people in central marketing, who may run the overall network, losing control over programming duration and topical thrust.

Smart Slots may sound complicated, but it’s a system that makes possible – even simple - the kind of extraordinarily intricate, targeted marketing thought to be the sole domain of online marketing.

Digital Ambience

Digital displays and ambient creative can transform branches and drive experience