In-house experts to take clients from the idea stage through execution and management

JohnRyan is a full-service technology and marketing company that can help with every aspect of planning, developing, launching and then running a total messaging solution in all the public and corporate locations of a retail bank.

This starts as early as the idea – helping develop objectives, a workable strategy and plan – and carrying through deployment and long-term management.

For some of our clients, we effectively manage all aspects of their digital communications in and around branches.

Customer Visit Management

A disciplined, proven approach to understanding and optimizing the customer messaging opportunity

Digital Communications Programming

Deep insights and well-honed tools to ensure in-branch messaging is fresh, relevant and affordable

We use the objectives, strategies and tactics worked out with our clients to then develop full digital communications programming plans.

That plan includes setting priorities and establishing a calendar, developing a branded look, tone and feel for messaging, and then setting down the structured processes, workflow, resource requirements and internal and vendor responsibilities.

JohnRyan has talented staff designers to provide custom creative for spots, but we also develop "intelligent templates" that can both dynamically, and through permissions and approvals processes, produce a steady stream of relevant, highly affordable content. Templates ensure bank messaging stays fresh and impactful, while controlling creative production costs.

Efficiency and accuracy is expressly built in to the platform design. Rather than rely on operator inputs for displayed content like branch hours and manager names and even photos, the JohnRyan system points to data folders or online assets to display already approved content. Template interfaces allow users to set up these references, or they can be done automatically and behind the scenes.

We also support our bank clients’ external agencies with useful tools and templates. The platform includes tools and processes in place to present syndicated content, such as third-party news, financial and weather subscription feeds. Our team also has the experience, and insight for best practices, for working with curated user-generated content, such as social media streams.

Content Variety

Great content reflects a mix of components

The best in-branch networks invest considerable time and resources to ensure the messages on screens are compelling and relevant. Great content is critical, and our client networks often display a mix of several components:

We create original content for clients — and tools to help agencies create large volumes of on-brand content under tight cost and timing constraints.

We work with third-party data feed providers – from multi-national news gathering organizations to specialty firms – to effectively build syndicated information into the look and feel of the network and the brand.

Smart Templates
Agencies can upload creations which instantly act as user-accessible templates enforcing all required work flow and approval rules. Intelligent "widgets" entirely automate local versioning (such as display of local sights, staff names or photos).

Brand River
JohnRyan has a unique approach to multimedia development — dubbed the "Brand River" — that makes use of a rich and continuous branded backdrop, using repurposed, pre-existing video content assets. The result: A unified, "watchable" visual context for content of various types and sources.


Getting networks off to a successful start

With more than 35 years of direct experience working with retail bankers, in their environments, we know what to expect and what to do when our clients want to switch on screens in their branches.

Our project management and deployment teams work closely with all of our clients to develop detailed plans and orderly rollouts.

Our deployment teams are licensed, security-checked, workplace safety-insured and fully experienced in the processes and restrictions of working in retail banking environment, during and after business hours.

Network Operations

Experienced people, purpose-built tools and solid processes to maximize uptime and minimize operations drama

We have the necessary experience and resources to fully manage all active components of a financial services company’s in-branch digital messaging once it has been deployed. We already support some of the largest, highest profile screen networks running in banks.

Our seasoned teams take the load off our clients, providing a cost-effective, scalable resource for bankers that want to keep their technical resources focused on mission-critical operations.


Provides first and second level 24/7 help desk support, including proactive troubleshooting. Often, we’ll resolve technical issues before they grow serious, and without our clients even knowing there were problems.


JohnRyan software was designed to be implemented, updated, managed and remedied remotely. Revisions and enhancements that might take months using other platforms can be done quickly and efficiently from a desktop. The cost saving implications are huge when technicians never need to go on-site after the initial installation.


Our technology was designed to enable self-healing devices, but in those rare circumstances when sites need to be visited for troubleshooting, repair or equipment replacement, we do that. We’ll handle the dispatch, and make the proper arrangements. We know from decades of directly relevant experience what local managers need and what to expect. Response times are tied to service-level agreements and are as tight as Next Business Day, when required. We run an online service-tracking portal to stay on top of all trouble tickets.


Our operations teams have supported 1,000s of devices in North America and globally, so we understand know what to expect and how to expedite fixes when they’re needed. We capably handle diagnostics, parts replacement and warranty administration and swaps on all deployed equipment. We work with clients to establish and then meet service level expectations, overall and for priority high-profile sites.

Marketing Operations

A suite of software tools and services for optimizing in-branch messaging

JohnRyan has decades of experience providing software tools and supporting services that effectively deliver and manage digital messaging in retail banking.

We were doing touchscreen kiosks and interactive programs in branches years before customer engagement and experiential marketing became common marketing terms.